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Leadership Styles Questionnaire

April 26, 2010 by  
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Leadership Style Questionnaires and leadership style quizzes can help you discover what type of leader you ARE. This is a crucial step before you set about achieving the potential of the type of leader you could be. We have created our very own leadership style questionnaire, incorporating the 5 Key leadership styles. If you can’t even name 5 different leadership styles – this questionnaire will certainly help you update your knowledge!

Leadership Expert’s Leadership Styles Questionnaire

Download It For Free Here: Leadership Styles Questionnaire (Word 2003)

Leadership Expert’s questionnaire is in Word Document format (2003 format to allow widespread use). Feel free to fill in the leadership styles questionaire within the electronic document, or to alternatively print out copies to be completed by hand. This document can be shared publicly, so long as no modifications are made to the document itself. “Modifications” includes removing the credit to the author.

Please enjoy the leadership styles questionnaire, and remember that this will only be as useful as you allow it, through giving honest answers to the questions within.

Please leave a comment sharing which result you received, and whether you agree with the evaluation or not! It will help us create an even more accurate questionnaire!

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