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Examples Of Poor Leadership

History has presented us with plenty of examples of poor leadership. Some notable recent examples of poor leadership:

1. Richard Fuld – Allowed excessive risk taking and poor governance drive Lehman Brothers neatly into the ground.

2. Sir Allen Stanford – Showed a blatant disregard for integrity and commited fraud on a vast scale via his corporation Standford Financial Group. The SEC has recently described the scandal as a ‘Ponzi Scheme’

3. Rick Wagoner – Displayed a lack of strategic oversight while CEO at General Motors. The period of time he was at the helm – GM’s stock price plummeted by 90%. His strategies were simply not forward looking – and GM fell behind competition vastly in terms of cost cutting and product innovation. Rick was forced to stand down as CEO in return for receiving government aid in 2009.

Examples Of Poor Leadership Traits

Impatience. Leaders who don’t fully appreciate that good strategy takes time to implement, and that iniatives need room to develop and mature, invariably will frustrate and increase the stress of those beneath them. Constantly unrealistic demands will demoralise and sap away loyalty.

Aggression. There is no place for fear in the boardroom, and yet it still persists in badly led companies across the world. Women as well as men are perfectly capable of being aggressive torwards their collegues, and let me assure you that there is little else you could do that would cause a such a rapid loss of respect.

Insincerity. Insincerity is the underminer of all policy, all intiative, all strategy and all success in leadership. A word you speak without conviction might as well have not been spoken at all and may even cause damage. A leader might be able to bluff for a few months, but once they’re found out – the stack of cards will fall and your ‘greatest asset’ will be grabbing their pitck forks before you can say ‘lynch’.

Incompetence. Using the steel magnate Andrew Carnegie as an example – you do not have to be expert in your companies field to be able to lead a company brilliantly. Andrew famously praised his management team as knowing more about steel than he did – and this honest admission not only motivated his team, but reflected his own culture of respect.

At contrast to this however, is pretending to be an industry expert when you still have much to learn from the ‘Dumbies Guide to your industry’. Your secret will likely be discovered at the companies most critical time, and your employment prospects won’t look too peachy thereafter.

Simon Oates – Leadership Expert

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7 Responses to “Examples Of Poor Leadership”
  1. Romelyn Molina says:

    thankz! real helpful to the student like us.

  2. strategic planning and management says:

    Poor leadership is the lack of strategic planning and management. It is a simple as this if you want a nice work flow be a good leader or else the business is going down with your kind of attitude.

  3. Helen uk says:

    Women leaders are mentioned in the article. I am currently researching the differences between male and female leaders. Does anyone think a woman needs to act more aggressivley/assertive in order to succeed? Is there a difference between the styles of leadership men and women adopt in order to effective leaders? I am focusing on leadership within nursing. Thankyou

    • Ernie Harwell says:

      I’ve worked with both men & women managers and would rather work for a man manager any day. My experience is that many good women workers put in a position of responsibilities feel they must grow bigger ones than the men!

      Again, ‘in my experience’ these women feel they must adopt what they think is ‘their’ vision of a man manager: Harsh, domineering altogether very unpleasant to work with. If only they had stayed true to themselves and taken a few course on effective management.

      • Simon Oates (Admin) says:

        That’s a very interesting comment Ernie, that some female managers feel like they need to fill an ‘expectations gap’ and in doing so are perhaps ignoring the basic principles of leadership!

  4. 2012 doomsday prophecy says:

    This example is a valuable insight for us to not repeat the same mistake again!

  5. Willa says:

    When someone writes an article he/she retains the image
    of a user in his/her brain that how a user can be aware of it.

    So that’s why this post is outstdanding. Thanks!

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