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How can I become a better leader? Part 10 – Solution orientated

Solution orientated All too often, managers appear... 

Leadership Technology

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How can I become a better leader? Part 6 – Attention to Detail

Attention to detail Oh, the life of a manager. You... 

How can I become a better leader? Part 5 – Creative Leadership

“Creative leadership involves imagining a new world,... 

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New Level Results Coach

  Become a NEW LEVEL RESULTS Coach   New... 

Make 2013 Your Best Year Yet

At this time of year many people begin the process... 

How to deal with conflicts and change attitudes – Guest blog post by Alexis Thompson

Conflicts are inevitable. No matter which industry... 

Become A World-Class Coach

Professional Coaches Needed.     Do you... 

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Leadership Today

J K Rowling voted most inspiring female businesswoman

On the eve of International Women’s Day, children’s author J K Rowling has been voted the most inspirational businesswoman in a survey* of UK freelancers by Crunch Accounting.Earning 23 per cent of all votes, Rowling beat a high profile field of business personalities, including... [Read more of this article]

Confidence and self-belief Leadership

The ability to inspire confidence and self-belief in others is a key leadership trait. Self-confident employees who believe they can attain goals, are more productive, loyal and perform better. The start point is to display confidence in yourself and your leadership – and the... [Read more of this article]

Leadership Passion

Leadership Passion Leaders who are passionate about what they do are like magnets, attracting others who want to do business with them or want to work for them. Passionate leaders possess that rarest of qualities – charisma. You can’t fake it – you either have it or you... [Read more of this article]

How can I become a better leader? Part 9 – Collaborative Leadership

What is collaborative leadership?   Collaborative leadership is really defined by a process, rather than by what leaders do. It has much in common with both servant leadership and transformational leadership. (It starts, according to David Chrislip and Carl Larson, in Collaborative... [Read more of this article]

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About Leadership Expert

Leadership Expert is the best leadership blog filled with tips to help you employ successful leadership, good leadership skills, strategic leadership, but most importantly - effective leadership in your organization. Good leadership skills are about more than speaking confidently and giving orders. The secret to great leadership is actually about having the leadership skills to be able to deal with people in a delicate yet powerful way.

Leadership Expert will help you improve your people leadership skills to a point of leadership excellence. But to make use of this resource you must make the time to keep up to date of all the latest leadership thinking. This site is designed to help you to become and authentic and accomplished leader. There are hundreds of different leadership styles, suitable for many different situations and companies. Being a modern day leader is fundamentally about possessing a high degree of self-awareness and gaining an understanding about 'what makes people tick'. In other words, what motivates them. Successful leaders have an amazing ability to get the best out of people.

However, I want to dispel two myths about leadership: First, its not true that only great leaders are born and not made. You can learn to become an outstanding leader - that's why this site exists. Secondly, leadership is not about being liked. More importantly its about having a vision and a passion and determination to create the best for your customers, your organisation and for your people. This doesn't mean creating a cosy, comfortable world for everyone. The global business world in which we live is far too competitive for that. Being an accomplished leader comes through creating a high performance, high value culture where your team is respected, challenged, stretched, recognised and rewarded. 'New' leadership success is being achieved everyday by ordinary people like yourself. Either you can become a part of this participative leadership movement, or you can simply sit back - ignore leadership skills - and let life control you instead.

Effective leadership skills like these aren't just stumbled upon - it takes an investment of time and energy to perfect and craft your people leadership skills. We hope you enjoy your time here, and find that this website will help you on your path to leadership excellence.

I am delighted you have looked me up. Join our community by subscribing in the box to the right. You can also join me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter. I wish you all the best on your leadership journey. Simon Teague, Leadership-Expert

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